Friday, May 30, 2008


This week has been an OMG week. Lots of good and bad things happening in the parameters of my life. But just now I opened up an old friends blog and OMG...she is preggers. From what I can gather they weren't trying and the doctors said not a good idea...but I think we all know that GOD is the one in charge and he does what he thinks is right. SO...CONGRATS DESERT ZEN!!!! I love you all the way from Cali! We are fostering e itty bitty kittens ( I even like cats...don't know???) but I have room in my heart and our family to love these little ones and I don't think that GOD's creatures should be killed cause they are too young to be adopted. Now for the sad...OMG I just found out that one of my former bosses (one I actually liked) was told he has 7 months to live. He is still young and has young children. He is a great man and has been so amazing with his kids who have disabilites. GOD I pray you hold him and all those who love him in your loving embrace and let them know your healing love. AMEN!!! OMG...our puppy got bitten by a rattlesnake. For those of you who know we had a wonderful puppy that we got over a year and a half ago and last July he was bitten by a rattlesnake, subsequently he died (about 2 months later). We then (for my son's birthday) buy him another puppy, Tobi, and she is wonderful and our WHOLE family loves her. She was bitten in May by a rattlesnake...but this time GOD knew that my son probably won't be as strong losing his second puppy so he got her through the ordeal and she is perfectly healthy with no side effects. OMG did we celebrate Ry and Shar's graduation all night until 4 in the MORNING??? Yes we did and we had a blast doing it. Though I have realized I am not 21 one any more. AND the BIGGEST OMG of them all I AM GOING TO BE 29 in a week!!! This will be my last birthday in my twenties. AND the weird thing is I think this is going to effect me more then my 30th birthday. But 29 is the new...I don't actually know what 29 is. They said on Oprah that 50 is the new does that mean that 29 is the new 4?!?!?!? I can't be 4!!!! My son is 4?!?!?! Well I hope everyone has a good weekend. I have finished my first book on my Herding Cats Challenge. It was a really good book but it struck a strong chord with me so I am not quite ready to review it. I hope to start writing the review this weekend. But I would defiantly recommend Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Take care of those you love!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Herding Cats…My First Challenge

So today I start a new adventure in blogging, Challenges. I have become a regular reader of Thinking About… written by Jules. I stumbled upon her blog when doing a google search for the restaurant my husband works at (she had written about it in her blog). So I have been reading her blog and I noticed that she participates in quite a few challenges, so when she wrote about this one, it looked interesting so I decided to join my first challenge.

1. List 10 books you have read and love or at least really really like.

2. Pick 3 books you haven’t read before from the ‘favorite books lists’ of other challenge participants. They have put together a great master list, making it much easier.

3. Read those 3 books, and review them on your blog. The time frame is May - November 2008.

4. Of course, link to the main challenge blog.

So here is my list of 10:

1) Yellow Raft in Blue Water- By Michael A Dorris- This book is an amazing book about the relationship between Mothers, Daughters and Granddaughters.
2) A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier- By Ishmael Beah- I read this book in one night because it was a Christmas gift for someone else and I had to wrap it. I would stay up all night again to read this!
3) Mists of Avalon- By Marion Zimmer Bradley- I was introduces to this wonderful book by my Women’s Lit teacher in college. I have read it again since then.
4) Night- By Eli Wiesel- I read this book for the first time in high school and have read it many times since. I cry every time.
5) Nectar in a Sieve- By Kamala Markandaya- I was assigned this book in a Humaniites course in college but dropped the class. So years later when I was moving I found the book and read it then. I wish I had read it sooner.
6) The Great Gatsby- By F. Scott Fitzgerald- This classic is a permanent fixture on my bookshelf. I have read it so many times it is scribbled all over and worn out. But I still love it.
7) The Wedding- By Nicholas Sparks- This book is the sequel to the bestseller The Notebook. I liked both books but I liked this one better. I loved this story and am glad that I took the time to read it.
8) At First Sight- By Nicholas Sparks- I have two Nicholas Sparks books on my list and I probably could have put more but I wanted to but a variety of different authors. This book is probably my second favorite book of his. It has a sequel, which I was less crazy about but this book shines alone also.
9) Dr. Dave- By- Clark S. Sturges- This book is about the Founder of the Haight- Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco. It is an great read and not one that a lot of people know about. This interesting story gives you a glimpse of an amazing city during a crazy time.
10) A Lesson Before Dying- By Earnest Gaines- I just read this book recently and really liked it because of the emotions it evoked. I think every student should read this book so we never forget what type of terrible injustice Americans are capable of.

And the Three Books I am reading:

1) Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik- The title of this book is what first grabbed me. Then as I was looking for another book I was reading a blog and they mentioned this book. So I looked it up and ordered it. It looks to be a good BART read. It came from Athena's list.

2)Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See- This book was recommended to me about a year ago and I never go around to reading it. I am looking forward to this read. This book came from 1 more chapter's list.

3) Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani- This book was recommended to me years ago and I remembered that my friend had told me about this series of books she absolutely loved but I could not for the life of me remember the name of the books. Then when I saw the title on the list I KNEW it was the book she had told me about. So I am looking forward to reading the book that has eluded me until now. This book was on Page After Page's list.

I will review the books as I read them and keep updating on my progress. I hope to finish more than three books from the list but only time will tell.