Monday, March 31, 2008

Trying to keep up!

Okay so I have now written for two days in a row. I hope to be able to keep this up. It helps that I have been staying at my Mother's house and she has a new Mac laptop with wireless so no mater were I am or what I am doing I can log onto the computer and type. But I am making a resolution to start blogging everyday....or a least as much as possible.

So yesterday I had 3 friends over for lunch. One of them I had not seen in about 6 years. We are all married now and we all have a kid. Wow was it weird because the last time we were all together we were doing shot and partying. Now we are sitting around talking about discipline and breast feeding. My how things change.

So here is to change and the life lessons it brings!!!

Christine- I read your blog....keep your head up. You will find the perfect job. I will pray for you!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rest In those we love

Okay so I haven't written in a long time but tonight I am feeling a little blue and need to write through it.

It has been so long since I wrote anything. So much has happened.....

Christmas: BUSY
New Years: Nice and Quite!
January: Uh...well...

Okay so in the beginning of January I found out that I was pregnant (YEAH...) we were so happy. My doctor cautioned us not to tell anyone right away. When I had my son I told everyone immediately. So after a week we told really close friends and family, week two we told people at work (at this point I am 5 weeks preggers). Then we are getting ready to go on a family vacation to Disneyland. The day we left I posted it on MySpace that I was preggers (6 weeks). Went on vacation and had a good time. We were with some family friends and my son was really enjoying his time. While on vacation I started to show signs on of a miscarriage. One whole day in the hospital and they couldn't give me any answers. I took the rest of the vacation easy while my family tried to enjoy themselves. It wasn't easy on any of us. And sadly by the end of the trip the doctors told me I had lost the baby. Well to make a long story a little less of a long story I hadn't lost the baby but I did and due to complications had to have two surgeries. So when all was said and done I had lost my baby been out of work for 5 weeks and was just trying to recover mentally and physically. I lost a friend the week of easter and have had to deal with that. I flew to LA for the funeral and had a good cry (something I haven't done since the we lost the baby).

So I am dealing with things...I hope.