Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Long Time Away

Wow life has been really busy and I have been running around like crazy lately. I am just now sitting here, as the rain comes down outside my window, thinking about the last time I wrote anything.

The holidays are in full swing at our house. We are having a cookie decorating and craft party at our house on Saturday. Wow that is going to be fun and crazy with all the kids. I love the holidays! I love to decorate and buy presents for all my friends and family. I also love to see there faces as they open their presents. This year is a little sad because I won't get to see my Brother, Sister, Stepmother or Father. My son is really missing his Grandpa (my Dad) a lot and keeps asking me if he will be at Christmas. Also, since they aren't coming I have to ship the presents to them and that sucks cause it will take me so long to get my stuff together that I probably won't get it there by Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!!!