Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Long Time Away

Wow life has been really busy and I have been running around like crazy lately. I am just now sitting here, as the rain comes down outside my window, thinking about the last time I wrote anything.

The holidays are in full swing at our house. We are having a cookie decorating and craft party at our house on Saturday. Wow that is going to be fun and crazy with all the kids. I love the holidays! I love to decorate and buy presents for all my friends and family. I also love to see there faces as they open their presents. This year is a little sad because I won't get to see my Brother, Sister, Stepmother or Father. My son is really missing his Grandpa (my Dad) a lot and keeps asking me if he will be at Christmas. Also, since they aren't coming I have to ship the presents to them and that sucks cause it will take me so long to get my stuff together that I probably won't get it there by Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!!!


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A BUSY weekend!!!!!

Ben and his classmate Veronica

Ben in the obstacle course

Ben's good friend Sawyer!!!

Ben's cool Superman birthday cake!!!!

Okay so this weekend was BUSY. I had my 10 year high school reunion and my son's 4th birthday. I don't have the pictures back from the reunion but I will be sure to post them once I get them. It was weird for me to see all the people I went to high school with. Some of them have changed and some have not. But all in all it was a good night (though some of that could be the 4 drinks I had at the open bar).

My son's birthday party was great and he had a blast. It was nice to see how he interacts with all of his friends and how they all play together even though they don't all know each other. All in all it was a good weekend and I got to spend time with people I love!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cutest Baby find EVER!!!!

Okay, so I don't have a small baby BUT I have friends that do so I am defiantly shopping here. This goes on my list of things I HAVE to have for my next baby. So if you or anyone you know is having a baby you have to check out Tiny Sprouts!!!!


Okay...so last night I was downloading pictures from my camera and decided this one had to go on my blog. I went to a Raiders game with my friend Wendy (from Ohio). The Raiders were playing the Brown (from Ohio). On our way out of the stadium we ran into these two guys that go to ALL the Brown's games. Even the away games so Wendy took a picture with them. And here it is. So here is the picture of Tony "Mobile Dawg" and "Dawg Pound" Mike with my friend Wendy.

GO TEAM!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Poor Baby...but on the upside

Yesterday my son developed a fever at school and I had to pick him up early. I took him home and by the time we got home he was crying because his head hurt from the fever. I felt so bad for him. So I carried him up to bed and moved the TV and DVD player in his room. I tucked him into bed and started his movie marathon. He slept and watched movies until bed time and then off to sleep he went. I hope he begins to feel better today.

On the upside, yesterday I found out that this new diet I am on is working. I have lost a little over 10 pounds. I am glad that I am on the way to a healthier me!!!!!

Life is crazy, Ben will be 4 on Oct. 27th and Sat. is my husband's birthday. Planning parties and just trying to keep everything going.

More later...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost October

Okay, so it is almost October and that means I will be busy. October is a big month for us.... first of all it is My husband and son's birthday, Halloween follows close behind. On top of that it seems to be party month. I have gotten quite a few invites to events (including my 10 year high school reunion). I will be busy and defiantly stretched for time but I am sure I will be enjoying it.

The one thing that happened in October that isn't a joyous day to celebrate was the death of my Aunt Sandy. I think about her often, mostly because my son was born on the anniversary of her death. She fought a long and hard battle with breast cancer. Unfortunately after more than 7 years of fighting she lost that battle. It has been a few years but when she passed away her son's were in high school and they had to deal with the pain of losing a big part of their life. We had just lost our grandmother the year before and I can't imagine how difficult it was for them.

We weren't like most families. We were very close. My mother and I would make the trek up to the Sacramento area almost every weekend. We would go to my cousin John's football games on Friday. Spend Saturday at the Grandparents house or shopping with Grandma and then Sunday we would BBQ with my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins John and Marc. John and Marc were practically brothers to me. We would fight, we play and I would defend them to anyone. I loved having them in my life. After the death of my Grandmother and Aunt I saw less of them. But they knew I was there if they needed me and I would do anything for them.

So with this being ALMOST October I am asking everyone to THINK PINK!!!!! I am alwaying buying pink things during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I don't like to spend my money on cheap things SO I have found out that one of my FAVORITE online store is thinking pink. Red Envelope is one of my favorite on-line stores. I love to buy gifts for people there and it is a hit every time. So go to Red Envelope and THINK PINK. FYI 10% of every purchase from the Think Pink line goes to Breast Cancer Research.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Cute New Find

Ok..so some of you may know and some of you may not know that I have a purse fetish. I love to buy them. Not just the expensive designer ones but anything that tickles my fancy and is to cute to pass up. So I stumbled across this new web-site and I had to share for all those who like me love a great purse.

These are all clutches...which I LOVE. But check this out and I hope you enjoy.

Lily Wigglesworth Bags

I have also been on this new No (very low) Carb diet. I am wondering if you have any good food ideas. I would love any recipes that you have.

Peace and Love to ALL!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This picture says it all!!!!

This picture says it all about how this day is going for me. This was taken by my mother at 5 am when she took my son with her to an event. To add insult to injury she stuck a daisy in his hair. My day is going about the same. But just looking at this picture makes me smile. It could always be worse!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?
- Scott Adams

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Miss Me?????

Okay so I know I have been missing in action but I have a lot of stuff going on right now and have not had a second to sit down and write. Which is a bummer for me cause I take this time to think things through as I type them out. I have a lot to talk about and not a ton of time to write. But I will start and see how much I can get to.

Well health issues have been plaguing me recently. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with three clotting disorders, which means that my blood tends to clot more than other peoples. Which can be dangerous but right now for me it is manageable. While I was pregnant I had to give my self shots everyday just to be safe for myself and my son. After that diagnosis I thought, okay well I can deal with this and it could be a lot worse so just be thankful it isn't.

A few weeks ago I went to see my general practitioner because I was plagued with weight gain and other issues and she diagnosed me with PCOS and Insulin Resistants. I have been through a slew of tests and dealt with multiple doctors and I am now on medication for the Insulin Resistants. I have also been told that if Ben and I want more babies we will have to start fertility treatments as the doctors believe I won't be able to get pregnant on our own (guess little Ben was a miracle). I have more tests and am on pretty strict diet (FOREVER). No alcohol and no carbs (a least for the next month).

On top of all these tests and doctor visits little Ben started school this year across the street from my office at a catholic school named St. Elizabeth's. He is there from 8am-3pm and then is in my office for an hour before we go home. He is really liking his new school and he LOVES to come and hangout at Mommy's office everyday. He is learning to use the copy machine and the whole punch (free labor!!!!).

I got an e-mail that my 10th reunion is in October... OMG 10 years. I can't believe how the time has flown by. Am I really that old!?!?!?!?!?!

Okay so I got through most of the stuff that I needed to get through. I will be back to write more later.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I am asking YOU to help!!!!!

Hey Everyone,
I need your help. When my mother was 17 her brother was diagnosed with a blood cancer, and a little over a year later he died, John was only 13 when he lost his battle with cancer. As you can imagine this changed everything in my family. So, many years later my mom decides she wants to walk a 26.2 mile marathon she is doing this for many including the brother she lost. She has to raise at least $2,500 and has sent e-mails and asked people to help her. I am asking YOU to help! Donate if you can, if you can't send an e-mail to your friends asking them to help, or put her in your blog. I know I am asking a lot but the fundraising is going slow and I just want to do this for my mother. I will owe you!!! Here is her web site go and find out more about what she is going to do. THANK YOU for your help!!!!!! I will keep you all updated on her progress.

The Pictures

Okay...So I have talked about the family photos we had done while on a family vacation to Newport Beach. Here they are!!! I got the proofs last night and need to make the decisions about which ones I want. Just in case you didn't think I was telling the truth about the size of my family you can see for yourself....

The WHOLE Heavey Clan!!!

Me with my family (Dad's Side) Yes I DO have a brother and sister.

The Boys....My Grandfather and his sons.

The Grandkids The Heavey Girls

Me and My Brother and Sister

My Father and my son

My little family.

My boys....aren't they a great looking pair

The 4 Generations of Heaveys.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Vacation come and gone....

Okay so I opened up my iGoogle today and in my daily "How To" box there is a link "How to Communicate with Body Language". I guess I never really thought about what my body language says to people. If I really think about it in many situations I may come off as stuck up or high strung. Guess that is something to think about. I will be watching everyone's body language this week to see what happens.

So my family vacation is over and I miss it. I am sitting here wishing I was on the beach. The pictures went very well. The only problem we ran into was high tide on the beach where we were taking the pictures. We all got a little wet but we were on the beach so what did we expect. My son was a different story. He fell in the water, so he was not just a little wet. He was completely wet and covered in sand. Thank goodness all of his pictures were done.

I am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend. It was a hard week at work, but I was gone for a week so I expected as much. I am looking for a good book to read and hoping for some recommendations.

A father may turn his back on his child, … . but a mother's love endures through all.
Washington Irving

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A lucky woman....

At least I am not married to this guy..."Man Charged With Wife's Sword Death". What a total idiot!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I LOVE my birthday!!!!!

Ok... so last night my mother gave me my birthday present (FYI my birthday is in June). She took me to see Jersey Boys. OMG....I LOVED it. Everyone that I know that has seen it RAVES about it. And they are RIGHT! I know, I know...I am using to many capital words, but I don't know how else to explain how good this show was. My mother and I went together and we sang and laughed the whole way home. Then first thing this morning I downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes. I am pretty sure that the people in my office are completely sick of hearing it. It is on its 3rd time playing. So if you haven't seen in and you can. GO GO GO.....it will be completely worth it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

At the BEACH!!!!!!!

This pic is of my little brother, Tommy. He just graduated from High school.

Okay...so yesterday I arrived at Newport Beach. I am here with my whole family and we are having a BLAST!!!!! This is a tradition that we have, every year all my uncles, there kids, my grandfather and various other friends and family converge on Newport Beach CA. We swim, sunbathe, play games, drink and have a huge bonfire. This year promise to be a good one. We will have a photographer coming for the first year to take a family portrait on the beach. Wow 22 people and one photographer...who will come out on top????? Well I will check in later. I am off to have FUN IN THE SUN!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Almost Monday....

When I look at this picture is brings pure joy to my heart. He is so happy on those swings. I was so blessed by God when he brought my son into my life. I thank him everyday for that miracle.

Well today is almost Monday and I have a lot to do. My Husband nephew flies in on Monday night from Mexico and will be staying with us for 2 1/2 weeks. Unfortunately for one week of that I will be in Newport Beach with my Dad's side of the family. Well I have to get the house ready for a guest and I need to clean house. So, after 6 years of marriage my husband and I took a big step on Friday. Of course the step is one that many couples take in the first week of there marriage (some even before they are married). But it was (for some unknown reason) something my husband was not ready for until Friday. I am feeling so happy about the way things in my life are going. I am almost afraid to say that because I am worried that I am gloating. But I truly believe God will provide for me and my family. I know are love is great and our faith in God strengthens that love.
God Bless!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Sad Day :(

I hoped to have nothing to do this weekend but in fact it was packed or at least it felt that way. I got to see an old high school friend this weekend. He was in from Korea where he is stationed in the Air Force. It was great to see Matt and remember the past.

The movie was great. Pixar did a good job and my son enjoyed it too. He is asking when he gets to go back and see it again. I would not recommend it for children under 3 because it is definitely geared toward older children and adults. My son loved Toy Story and Bugs Life when he was 1 and 2 because of the colorful characters and great scenes but he did not get the story. He is able to fallow the story now which is good because he need to in this movie. But it is still amazing and Pixar really out did themselves on this one!

Sunday was a difficult day. I went to mass Sunday morning knowing that later that evening I would attend a funeral for a young man who had passed away. My son's best friend was at mass so we HAD to sit with his family. They have recently adopted a new addition into their family so they sit in the cry room (small room in the church that is sound proof and has big windows to see the mass). Can I just say I HATE THE CRY ROOM. I get that it makes it possible for some parents to participate because of this room, but most parents let their kids run wild and you can't participate in mass with 7 toddlers running around yelling. My son just sits next to me and colors or reads a book, but these other mothers don't try to help their children understand what it means to attend a mass at church.

So having left church (getting very little from the mass) I had lunch with the normal group. But it seemed all we could talk about was the young man who passed away. It was hard and my son go rowdy because he had sat so quietly through mass.

By Sunday at 7:30 p.m. I had dropped of my son was at the Vigil Service for David Jason Collyer at 23 year old man who's life was cut tragically short by an accident. The church was packed and it was a difficult service. I can't talk much about it now because I am not ready but I will at a later date.

This morning I woke-up and made my way to church for the funeral mass and lunch for Dave. Again a difficult time and I did a lot of reflecting but I am still just not ready to talk about it. What I can say is Dave was LOVED....by his family, his friends, and his fiancee.

Rest in Peace Dave, your presence on this earth will be missed but we do know that you are HOME with your savior and that you are watching over everyone who loved you. Keep us all in your prayers and know that you are in ours.

Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.
A. Sachs
Dave we all know that YOU LIVED!!!!

Love to all!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Weekend Plans...

I am looking forward to this weekend. Because other than taking my son to see Rataouille I have no other plans. And that feels good. I let you all know how the movie went and I hope to finish some of my scrapbook pages to post.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 5th of July

Wow is this the time for reunions or what???? With in the last 6 months I have found many of my old friends, and for the most part it is really good. I am happy to find these friends....well most of them. A lot of my friends have spread out and moved out of state. That is the hard part because a lot of these friends I would like to see again. But e-mails and phone calls have to make due for now. I however have stayed in the same place. Never going very far. I was born in Walnut Creek and now I live in Concord. I can't seem to get out of Contra Costa County. And now I am married and we have a son I begin to think I will never leave. I have a career and a job that I just can't up and leave. But, maybe someday when my son is a little older you may not find me at my old address. Then you should look for me in England!

I have posted a picture (I know it is small) of me with my friends after high school. The picture is about 8 years old and when I look at it I cringe, but I thought I would share it with you. A friend of mine posted it on MySpace and it made me smile.

Love you all,

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Okay so today is Sunday and tomorrow I have to go to work. My son was sick last Monday so I took the day off. He only had a cold but I am a total pushover for that 3 year old sad puppy face. But he has had diahrrea (sorry to gross you out) since Friday and I am not totally sure what to do. Do I send him to school (even though most likely they will send him home) or do I keep him home and risk getting in trouble at work. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I don't know what to do.

Okay so today was an interesting day. I took my son to his friends bowling birthday party and I am totally exausted from it. I want to tell the story but I am to tired. I will try to write more tomorrow.

Remember....Some times your the windshield and sometimes your the BUG!